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hoxell is a web application
enabling hoteliers to give their guests
great stories to tell

A new approach

Hoxell is a Guest & Staff relation web-platform, quick to implement, simple to learn and use. It’s a proven, capable solution that delivers the essential technology backbone for your business.

Designed and enhanced by hoteliers and hospitality professionals, hoxell provides the operational capabilities, guest-service features, staff management options that you and your staff need to successfully operate.

The implementation of hoxell motivates not only the staff but it sensibly improves the customer loyalty management.

With hoxell you can be up and running in 1-2 days. These features make the system extremely interesting for individual hotels as well as for small and medium chains.

  • Focus on Guest Experience
  • Improve your Revenues
  • The right information at the right time
    to the right person
  • Drive staff empowerment and retention
  • Weigh performance

Creating great experiences for your guests, improving their perceived services, is by far the best way to keep your best customers, and attract new ones. Hoxell provides huge potential to enhance the overall Guest Experience by engaging both actors of Hospitality - Guests and Staff - throughout the multiple touch points during a stay.

Boost your Brand Reputation: you know the impact of personalized services from your own experience. It feels good to be treated like a VIP. All too often hotels treat you like you have never been there before, although it is the fourth time you have checked in.

Great experiences and satisfied guests will directly impact recommendations and word of mouth, boosting your online and offline Brand Reputation.

Enhance loyalty: bring back to the center the true sense of hospitality, to foster a positive word of mouth and uphold a higher brand reputation, leading to repeat purchase and loyalty.

Let your customers re-direct their hotel choice based on their satisfaction and personal experience. You will be “The Choice” for any repeat customers as well as for new ones.

Be different: if hotels look all alike, guests will simply choose the cheapest. A higher Brand reputation will help you to look different from your competitors. Now you have a secret tool to enhance their stays, delivering unique and unforgettable experiences. Moreover, offering more value you will be able to maintain your room rates higher than your competitors.

Channel conversion: make your guests book directly and win the battle for the repeat guests, reducing the high OTAs commissions.

Cost Savings: thanks to a proactive approach and a continuous monitoring of all hotel operations, you will soon achieve significant cost savings on reducing waste of time, labor costs, maintenance, etc.

Keep the customers in the loop on any changes on their stay. Hoxell enables real-time data flow, which allows unique communication to the customers and between the staff, based on events as they occur.

While guests are actively involved and empowered to share personal preferences, these are collected by the hotel to transform simple service encounters into co-created personalized experiences. This is also called value co-creation.

Service has become the most competitive differentiator. Hoxell believes in empowered staff and will help you to maintain a highly motivated, skilled work force.

Your staff will feel much more recognized as co-creators of the customers’ experiences, sharing more easily any information for customers-oriented service behaviors, because they have the right tools and skills to manage the changing needs of their customers.

The overall quality of the staff daily duties and activities will improve dramatically, making its life easier for a unique goal: add value through service.

You cannot improve your performance if you don’t measure it. It’s time to focus on internal organizational KPIs, supporting data driven decision. With hoxell you can access to your data from anywhere in the world, simply using an Internet connection even from your tablet or through your mobile devices. No specific apps are needed.

Ease the acquisition and sharing of guests information. Particular attention to the quality of the internal communication and the way it is used add value through service.

"The best part about using hoxell is that it makes my daily job easier"
Housekeeping Manager, Hotel Lugano Dante

More hoxell = More Value

For every incremental item request, there is a 4.3% higher chance of a one star increase in service rating and a 4.5% higher chance of a one star increase in value rating * * Semantic analysis of guest comments of Hotel Berna, Milan

hoxell = Loyality

61.8% Higher Intention to Return

Customers who personalize their experience with hoxell report significantly higher Intention to Return to the property * * Semantic analysis of guest comments of Hotel Berna, Milan

hoxell Email = eRelationships

72,53% open

One every three customers

who opens hoxell confirmation email (31, 27%) personalizes the stay Analysis of Hotel Berna guests behaviour

hoxell workflow

Once the reservation agent has to insert and check the quality of the reservation into the PMS, the details will be transferred onto the hoxell platform, which will take care - from this moment on - of the entire relationship by covering all touch points.

The Guest MyPage is thus generated and may include different actions:

  • Adaptive home page, depending on the guest status
  • Quick check-in Form
  • Customization of the stay
  • Active Reservation Details
  • Weather forecast and useful information for the arrival
  • Contact Team Form
  • Multi language user interface
  • Reservation of future stays

Sending personalized offers: boost your direct sales using a single and very friendly user setup interface. Using hoxell, your sales agent can create and send tailor-made offers in less than 60 seconds, and monitor all pending offers, sending reminders and measuring conversions.

Sending personalized confirmations and welcome emails: once received the confirmation, you can send a personalized email to communicate the relevant booking information or useful information for the arrival date. A single button-action allows the guest to customize the Stay.

Sending “welcome home” email to boost your Brand Reputation: once the guest has left your hotel, it’s possible to send a welcome back home email asking a feedback on the stay; it’s up to you to insert the widget linked to Tripadvisor or to any feedback online form to boost online reviews.

Engaging Conversations with the Guest: the hotel staff member can engage a new conversation, sending a personalized email.

Dashboard Guestmypage

Hoxell enables the Housekeeping Department to streamline the entire room status control, from the room assignment to the cleaning process and much more ... Thanks to the dashboard, you monitor the daily workflow in a glance, overseeing all room status and room cleaning status anytime, anywhere.

Room Assignment: with hoxell you can organize the daily planning of room attendants in a few minutes instead of hours spent on hundreds of excel files.

Room Cleaning: once assigned the rooms, the room attendants automatically receive their room assignments on mobile devices, receiving any guest profile information updating if needed.

Room status update: once the room is ready, the housekeepers can update the room status and share the information with the Reception and all hotel departments.

Maintenance Request: housekeepers can report problems or defects in real time to the maintenance staff just flagging a button and serving the guest’s room as quick as possible.

Minibar & laundry recording: hoxell allows counting the linen and minibar items. No more misunderstanding or wasting of time. Only real time sharing information.

Guidelines and Room Standards Control: Room Standards photos are uploaded to ensure housekeepers’ tasks are resolved properly following hotel standards procedures.


General maintenance service operation can be easily handled, minimizing maintenance downtime.

Dispatching breakdowns and defects: once the breakdown is resolved, the information is shared throughout all departments, avoiding wasted time and increasing hotel operational efficiency.

Managing Assistance request & Scheduling recurrent work: every maintenance request of assistance can be assigned based on staff skill background or availability or scheduled over different timescales.

This time-safe feature allows communication among the staff in real time, avoiding misunderstandings and oversights.

Ah-hoc department messaging: Hotel Staff can converse with colleagues for any specific requirements they may have. Sending a message to a single or multiple person, the Staff member can record all message received during the day, being sure that the message is read thank a forced pop-up notification.

News from the Direction Board: the Direction Board can post any message to the entry wall of hoxell, in order to communicate to all Staff member important messages or useful information about any kind of issue.

Above the calendar is represented the occupancy rate of the week (it depends on the kind of PMS).

Workload summary: it show a recap of the workload of the month sorted by staff members and days of week.

Day-off requests: send a request to the Department Manager in order to ask day-offs, holidays, special needs, etc… and see if the request is accepted or refused.

Every departments has its own statistics to look at. They are at disposal of all Department Managers in order to daily monitor their:

  • performance
  • specific KPIs
  • personal to-do list
  • room breakdowns
  • room cleaning
  • room inspections
  • traces & guest preferences


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