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Hoxell is an integrated software hospitality platform
that is intuitive and easy to use.

Visibly improve the day-to-day tasks of your Housekeeping, Maintenance, Reception and Booking departments by making it easier to interact with guests and connecting the different departments within your accommodation facility in real time.

Hoxell guarantees:


Improve the operational efficiency and your property’s reputation.


Increase ancillary revenues thanks to the personalization of the stay.


Focus your team’s activities on Service Excellence.


Pamper your guests as VIP to gain their longlasting loyalty.




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Our customers’ testimonials are essential guarantees of the quality of our solutions:

Honestly, at first we did not think that this programme would be very helpful for the kind of work we do, but once we got familiar with it and understood what it is really all about, we realised that it would not only be useful for what we do but would also let us become an even stronger team. With simplicity and clarity, this program is like a treasure chest where we can find everything we need for everything we do, from booking rooms to satisfying any and all special requests from guests and more. Communication and helping each other, even when doing different tasks, all in real time. We learned all of this from the people who created the programme and the people who, right up to today, have always been right by our side, whenever we have needed them, improving and growing together. Always leaving us with unique, real knowledge. At this point, we really couldn’t do without HOXELL.

Giulia Zagari

Housekeeping Manager - Hotel Mulino, Firenze

The Hoxell system facilitates communication between departments while reducing the margin of error. As head of reception, I am very satisfied with this platform and fully recommend it to my colleagues.

Katia Muller

Front Office Manager - Hotel Splendide Royal, Lugano

Finally, an up-to-date programme: fresh, intuitive and within everyone’s reach. Hoxell in just one word? It would have to be efficiency. It is a programme that we can enthusiastically recommend, that helps improve work results and performance. You can tell that it was created and developed by a hotelier, Carlo Fontana, who is exceptionally experienced and professional. After just one season using Hoxell, we can say that it is really a success. Even the housekeepers have confirmed that using the tablets, which at first made them nervous, has been easy and intuitive. It is an excellent way of speeding up communication between departments. The customer service is also to be praised: Davide and his team are always ready to get on board and resolve any problems that might come up, 24/7. They are extremely kind.

Cristiana Boccato

General Manager - Park Hotel Brasilia, Jesolo

Hoxell is a programme that transforms situations that are complex and often out of control into simple, extremely efficient activities. Hoxell provides concrete help with coordinating the entire staff’s work towards a single goal: the customisation of the service we offer. With Hoxell, coordination between departments is improved, there is a stronger sense of being a team and information is passed on immediately, optimising time. It provides valuable assistance, letting us immediately distinguish what is both important and urgent from what is important but not urgent. Hoxell creates a dependency since it helps us face the day with all of the information we need, just a few clicks away.

Matteo Marzot

Owner Hotel Spadari al Duomo Milano, Hotel Duca di York Milano, Hotel Turin Palace Torino

Hoxell is a tool that lets you work quickly, flexibly and precisely. Thanks to the programme’s various functions, we can get immediate information, making collaboration between departments more effective and thus guaranteeing excellent service for the guest as well. It was really a happy discovery and I would not want to do without it.

Sabrina Carrera

Director of Rooms- FourPoints Sheraton Milano

Thanks to the Hoxell system, now it is really possible to have complete supervision over the department, even over two separate structures, at all times. Knowing what state a guest room is in or where you can find a co-worker lets us improve and simplify the organisation of our work as well as the management of the guest rooms and the daily check. The exchange of information between different departments and within your own department, communicating modifications, changes and other information, is faster with Hoxell, since it is always updated in real time. This is a huge help to all of us!

Doris Egli

Housekeeping Manager - Hotel Splendide Royal Lugano

To be honest, I have always thought that all of the advanced technologies designed to help with the work done in a complex department like housekeeping ... were completely useless! We couldn’t even imagine that a computer programme could help the housekeepers and porters improve their work... We are delighted to have been proven wrong and, especially, surprised to have discovered something that increases our professionalism and has made the whole staff more motivated and enthusiastic about having, finally, and always at hand, so much information. We wouldn’t know what to do without Hoxell!!! Non sappiamo più fare a meno di Hoxell!

Mariagrazia Sequi

Head of Housekeeping - ToFlorence Hotels



With Hoxell, your team is all set and focused on operational excellence, to increase guest satisfaction and boost performance. The dashboard takes away the stress of sifting through information in emails and calls.


We are integrated with all major PMS solutions and can extract booking information from almost any management system. As such, data is updated automatically without manual intervention.


Hoxell helps your team customize each guest’s stay by generating a stream of ancillary revenues through upselling of services and activities. Your guests will be pampered like VIPs and your staff supported in management.

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