Forget about sticky notes, and annoying WhatsApp groups, and switch to an easy-to-use, intuitive tool that drastically reduces communication errors and frustration between departments.
Thanks to Quality Operations, each member of your staff can send messages, create, and assign tasks at any time, anywhere. Communication amongst departments has never been easier; tasks become clearer and accessible from any device, dramatically reducing human error’s rate and work overloads.



Hoxell’s Quality Operations allow you to automate, plan, and monitor every housekeeping activity. Digitalized workflows ensure improved team productivity and maximum guest satisfaction, increasing your online reputation. Quality Operations is cloud-native and accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere, helping you to:

Simplify everyday cleaning activities
Instantly assign tasks to the housekeeping staff without having to call the front office every time priorities change
Avoid annoying your guests with unnecessary door-knocking
Report rooms’ flaws in real-time
Communicate via instant messaging and avoid endless phone calls
Have accurate control over inventory (sheets, minibar refills, bathroom amenities…) in real-time


Hoxell’s Quality Operations automates, plans and monitors both daily and planned maintenance activities, thus ensuring time-effective management, human error reduction, minimization of loss, and higher guest satisfaction. Hoxell’s Maintenance Quality Operations is cloud-native and accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere, helping you to:

+ Simplify everyday maintenance activities
+ Instantly assign tasks to the maintenance staff without having to call the front office every time a room needs repair
+ Easily indicate or modify priorities
+ Improve communication between departments
+ Keep track of maintenance status


Hoxell’s Quality Operations helps to reduce the workload and the stress involved with Front Office’s operations. This department is, typically, the only link between guests’ requests and other hotels’ divisions. Due to the overload of daily demands that the Front Office has to deal with, bottlenecks can quickly rise. Thanks to Quality Operations, your Team can work more efficiently, delivering the right information, to the right person, at the right time. Front Office department can quickly assign rooms, monitor their status, switching between tasks, without any friction. Hoxell makes Lost & Founds supervision fluid and straightforward, it simplifies the management of guests’ requests, and prevents complaints that may arise from ineffective communication between departments, one of the primary sources of misunderstanding and errors.


This feature allows you to set up the buffet breakfast following your guests preferences, it helps your team to monitor seamlessly how many guests took the breakfast and how many are left and to replenish the buffet without waste. This function is also active for lunch and dinner.


Hoxell Quality Operations allows you to keep the entire hotel under control from a simple and intuitive digital dashboard, reducing the frustration of remotely retrieving information via emails or phone calls. During the guests’ entire stay, Quality Operations allows you to keep track of all of their touchpoints: informing you about possible complaints even before they check out, for example, gives you time to manage them proactively, and avoid unpleasant negative reviews. Thanks to Hoxell’s Quality Operations, you can access a multitude of real-time reports, logs, and statistics for each department, helping you to monitor costs, efficiency, and productivity. Hoxell’s Quality Operations puts your guest at the center of the experience while keeping your team motivated, focused, and stress-free.


Unite your operations team and shorten the time to reaction, thanks to this internal messaging function. No more post-it or noisy calls, no more delays in service delivery. Everyone knows in real time what needs to be done to handle a guest request or complain.

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