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About Us

Chief Executive Officer

Carlo Fontana
Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about the guest experience from the very start, Carlo has had the fortune of embracing innovative ideas and of often being a forerunner of new technologies in service of guests and staff.

Not a day goes by that he is not trying to imagine what could be done even better for our guests, since the search for excellence in the hospitality industry is an never-ending journey, with countless stops and no end of the line.

Meet Our Team

Davide Bernasconi
Co-Founder & Project Manager

In love with hospitality for more than twenty years. My adventure began when I was eighteen, working at a large luxury hotel, and now I am one of the founders of Hoxell. I have been passionate about all things technological since I was a kid. From the Commodore 64 in the 1980s to the most advanced computers of today.

Alberto Capellini
Co-Founder & CTO

Breeder of polyhedrons and other ephemeral creatures. I tame rebellious sheets of paper, anarchic computers and wild algorithms with equal patience.

Giorgio Mäder
Software Engineer

After nearly two decades of experience in the field of web technology, mostly in connection with local businesses, I have entered an industry that I previously knew nothing about: the hotel business. My work is still that of a software developer, but with broader horizons and reproducing reality from other points of view.

Fabio Lüthi
Software Engineer

Pietro Pompeo
Product Specialist

Hospitality and new technologies has been always the soundtrack of my life. Basket and music are the contender for the "Best passion" in my life, but no one is winning on the other. Hoxell reflects exactly the right mentality: "Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion"

Carlo Arcioni
Product Specialist

Born with the passion of adventure, I am therefore used to raising the bar after each goal reached ... logically I also like to do it at work. And with Hoxell I enjoy it!

Alex Sassella
Product Specialist

We live in an era where change is happening day by day: not so much for what we do, but about how we do it. I find it’s very important being aware of it, accepting the transformation and really start doing old things in a new way. This is innovation, this is what Hoxell does and this is precisely what stimulates and excites me most.

Paola Fontana Benea
Head of Accounting

With training in economics and finance, Paola ‘lives and is’ because she loves. She loves the sea, the wind, the sun, the mountains, her dog Artù ... and everything she does – which she always does with passion and commitment.