Carlo Fontana
Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about guests’ experiences from the very start, Carlo has always embraced innovative ideas, and has often been a forerunner of new technologies at the service of guests and staff.
Striving daily to visualize ways of better catering to guests, knowing that the quest for excellence in the hospitality industry is an endless journey, with countless challenges and opportunities.

Paola Fontana Benea
Co-Founder & Head of Accounting

With a training in economics and finance, Paola ‘lives and breathes’ through her love. Her love for  the sea, the wind, the sun, the mountains, for her dog Artù. She’s passionate for and truly committed to everything she does.

Davide Bernasconi
Co-Founder & Deputy CEO

I’ve had a love affair with hospitality for more than twenty years. My adventure began when I was eighteen, working at a large luxury hotel, and I’m now one of the founders of Hoxell. I’ve been into technology since I was a kid, going from playing with a Commodore 64 in the 80s to working with today’s top computers.