Julia Geffers

18 years in this industry, in contact with hoteliers worldwide, I have learned the secrets of heartfelt hospitality and the quest for excellence in service and management. Joining Hoxell was the natural next step as thanks to our technology we can support hoteliers in their ambition and desire to deliver excellence, rewarding both, the teams who build those unforgettable experiences and the guests who will be granted lifelong memories.

Paola Fontana Benea
Co-Founder & CFO

My background in economics and finance is somewhat in contrast to my most intimate part of my romantic soul that shines my love for the sea, the wind, the sun, the mountains and my dog Artù. In my daily work at Hoxell, my core values ​​are the passion, which can awaken and reconnect with what is meaningful to me,
and the dedication that is caring about what I do to an extreme extent.

Davide Bernasconi
Co-Founder & COO

I’ve had a love affair with hospitality for more than twenty years. My adventure began when I was eighteen, working at a large luxury hotel, and I’m now one of the founders of Hoxell. I’ve been into technology since I was a kid, going from playing with a Commodore 64 in the 80s to working with today’s top computers.


Carlo Fontana
Chairman, Hotelier and Co-Founder
Paola Fontana Benea
CFO at Hoxell and Hotelier
Markus Gröninger
CEO at Edux and Digital Entrepreneur
Paolo Orsatti
Managing Partner at TiVenture
Frederic Weill
CEO at OWT, Digital entrepreneur