Tailor-made services and 1 to 1 communication will improve their satisfaction, your reputation, and, more importantly, your turnover.

Personalize the travel experience to the tiniest detail, handling guests’ requests in real-time and throughout the entirety of their stay.

Personal Concierge is an online platform that facilitates real-time relationships and communication between your team and your guests during each phase of their journey (pre, mid, and post-stay).

Personal Concierge allows you to immediately create a bond of trust with the travelers, by personalizing their stay.

Hoxell’s Personal Concierge operates in the three crucial phases of the guests’ journey



With Personal Concierge, welcoming your guests begins way before the day they check-in: the system automatically sends a confirmation email with personal access to a custom web section called MyPage, where guests can build their stay from the bottom-up, enhancing their experience and increasing your revenue.

MyPage even allows you to understand your customers’ needs better and to act accordingly (i.e., by reserving a shuttle from the airport, in-room dinner, excursion, museum…)



Personal Concierge will follow your guests even during their stay.

You can add custom-made sections to interact with your guests and improve the quality of their stay: from events and shows to restaurants’ recommendations, from limo service to wellness treatments, car rental service, excursions, candlelight dinner… Boost your ancillary revenues today!



Personal Concierge helps you to retain your guests by inviting them to mantain interaction with the concierge and to book directly next time they’ll come to your hotel, increasing your direct revenue and reducing your costs-per-acquisition.

You can chose wether sending or not a post-stay survey, in order to collect data and to have full control over your reputation.

Personal Concierge embeds the MyPage, the guest’s personal page for one-to-one communication that creates a stronger bond between you and your guest. MyPage helps you to create the “Wow Effect” and to improve your online reputation, with a positive impact on your turnover.

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